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23. 09. 2023

Other services

Easyjob s.r.o. is the company working in the western part of Slovak Republic and cooperating with partner companies in Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania.
We provide services in the fields of:

  • personal services,
  • debt administration and collection,
  • real estates,
  • webdesign.

Providing services in the field of bankruptcy ensures our partner company os-em s.r.o. since 2005. Number of our regular customers is a guarantee of quality.
Easyjob s.r.o. is the holder of permission to be run as the agency of temporary employing with n. AA/2007/7409/15333, issued by Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of Slovak Republic.
Our company is also the holder of permission to mediate employment for payment with n. AA/2008/1107/3026/OISS, issued by Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of Slovak Republic.

With our services we can help you with your personnel problems. Choice of manpower will be adapted to your requirements. Our temporary work service will provide you manpower even in the case of long term absence of your employees. We will save you troubles with choosing right temporary workers and managing payroll and personnel agenda.
Searching and selecting convenient employees (recruiting)
Recruiting comprises of complex of services, which leads to finding a convenient candidate for specified work position:

  1. addressing suitable candidates, who are assigned in our database of applicants and addressing candidates via advertising,
  2. arranging interviews and open competitions,
  3. providing information about suitable applicants,
  4. on the request of client providing possibility to choose concrete candidate from the shortlist by himself.

Personnel leasing
This service enables you to occupy work position, which has been temporary released, but also for long term occupation of work position with fixed time limitation. With personnel leasing, you gain the following advantages:

  1. alleviation of personnel and payroll agenda,
  2. removal of difficulties with employing and dismissing employees,
  3. flexibility in re-staffing of particular work position,
  4. possibility of staffing an employee by a client.

Temporary work service
Temporary work service provides except for advantages typical of personnel leasing also the following advantages:

  1. possibility to temporary increase the number of employees at seasonal works, during holidays, weekends, night shifts,
  2. possibility to provide employees for occasional works.


  1. the basis of the cooperation is making an agreement of dispensing services, whereas in the order you confirm your requirements for employee and work position,
  2. the following step is searching and selecting a leasing employee or temporary worker,
  3. after your decision about employing the candidate, you make an employment contract, with a temporary worker contract for work, all according to the regulations of the Labour Code,
  4. at the end of the month or by the termination of temporary assignment you will notify us of the information about executed work by assigned employee (payment results from these data),
  5. you receive an invoice for providing temporary assigned employee (usually monthly, with due period of 7 days),
  6. conditions of cooperation at recruiting are used analogically, contract price for this service is paid at the signing of employment contract with selected candidate,
  7. price for personnel leasing and temporary work service is evolved from current situation on the labour market and work position of temporary assigned employee,
  8. to the assigned employees can be provided piecework wage according to the requirement of the employer.

By flexible approach to the requirement of partners reaches debt administration and collection high efficiency. Solutions to the question of not arranged debts are provided on the long-term level. We provide our clients:

Pre-collecting conciliation proceeding

Pre-collecting conciliation proceeding is used to provide debtor the opportunity to “voluntarily” carry out the fulfillment of the contract before the creditor terminates the contract with the contractor. Our task is to:

  • emphasize potential legal and factual consequences to the debtor of not fulfilling obligations,
  • find out the reasons for insolvency,
  • make an agreement with the debtor of gradual repaying debt (on the basis of an agreement of our company with contractor) and to control the fulfilling of the requirements agreed on in this agreement.

Attendance of the specialized institution establishes good payment discipline of the debtor.

Out-of-court exaction and debt collection

Our company administers, exacts and collects payable and legitimate debts. Our system of processing data helps us to efficiently solve many cases. We work out the process of collecting proceedings according to the requirements of the business  partner. When compiling the collecting proceeding – observing conditions of our partners – we take into consideration also type, age, amount of debt, contractual conditions and specifics of particular cases.

Collecting “old” debts

We accept to administer also debts, which are older than 360 days - it means not yet collected debts, which had already been collected by other collection company. Overall period of administering these debts is 120-200 days. During this proceeding, we try to make agreement about repayment of the debt with client on the basis of pre-arranged conditions. We follow administering the conditions of the agreement about gradual debt repayment. During the collecting proceedings, we establish contact with a client at least through letter, telephone as well as personally.

Judicial exaction of debts

Judicial exaction of debts is a process which consists of providing publication of judicial decision about imposing a duty to fulfill obligations (judgment, payment order) until the end of distress proceeding in the cooperation with our solicitor´s office and judicial distrainor. We combine judicial exaction with conciliation exaction, while our specialists have necessary theoretical knowledge  and practical experience with notification, lecturing and convincing clients about possibilities of out-of-court issue solutions.

Buying debts

Our company deals with buying debts, mainly complex of debts, as well as particular debts, predominantly for the purpose of offset institute application. Our company deals also with repurchasing debts, mainly complexes of debts and individual debts in order to use offset institute.

Determination of debt creditworthiness

Our company provides consultancy of buying and selling debts, being sold separately but also in complexes. We deal with determination and drawing up analyses of debt creditworthiness predominantly to companies in bankruptcy. We provide:

  • mediation of retributive assigning claims,
  • assigning and offsetting a claim,
  • filing a notion for declaration of bankrupt on the debtor´s property,
  • asserting debts in bankruptcy proceeding,
  • liquidation of companies,
  • working out alternatives of debts encashment,
  • speeding up decisions through arbitration court.

Real estate

We cooperate with os-em s.r.o. also in the field of real estate and this company helps up in legal as well as advisory work.


In cooperation with pixa.sk, we offer preparing internet presentations for our clients.

Available on demand is sending current price list and list of services.

More information can be found on the second website of our company www.easyjob.sk.

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