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23. 09. 2023

Express delivery

In the field of transportation, we also deal with express delivery of goods within Europe. These services require maximum precision and that is the reason why we devote a lot of time to preparations of our personnel for these services. In the case of express delivery, we provide monitoring via SMS, e-mails or NON-STOP tracking of transported goods via our telephone lines. The matter of course is also delivering during holidays or weekends. We transport everything from the small parcel up to 8 EURO pallets of 1500 kg. Each delivery and goods has its own specifics, which we flexibly adapt to.

We quote transit times of deliveries in Europe. These times are of the export from Slovak Republic. Delivery times to particular destinations are the following:

Wien (AT) up to 2 h.
Graz (AT) up to 4 h.
Innsbruck (AT) up to 6 h.
Nurnberg (DE) up to 7 h.
Nurnberg (DE) up to 8 h.
Berlin (DE) up to 8 h.
Stuttgart (DE) up to 9 h.
Frankfurt (DE) up to 9 h.
Mannheim (DE) up to 9 h.
Milano (IT) up to 11 h.
Hamburg (DE) up to 11 h.
Dortmund (DE) up to 11 h.
Bern (CH) up to 11 h.
Koln (DE) up to 12 h.
Duisburg (DE) up to 12 h.
Monchengladbach (DE) up to 12 h.
Hamburg (DE) up to 12 h.
Bremen (DE) up to 12 h.
Torino(IT) up to 12 h.
Strassburg (FR) up to 12 h.
Amsterdam (NL) up to 14 h.
Neapol (IT) up to 15 h.
Paris (FR) up to 20 h.
Lyon (FR) up to 18 h.
London (GB) up to 22 h.
Barcelona (ES) up to 22 h.
Goteborg (SE) up to 24 h.
Angers (FR) up to 25 h.
Pamplona (ES) up to 26 h.
Toulouse (FR) up to 30 h.
Barcelona (ES) up to 32 h.
Madrid (ES) up to 35 h.
Porto (PT) up to 40 h.

Exact times of your goods delivery to particular destinations will be announced to you on the basis of the delivery calculation, which we work out immediately after receiving it from you.


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